Workin on my pedal set up

Hey all,

So the time has come to work on the old pedal set up. I Currently got a boss os-2, proco rat 2 (new china), and a dod grunge (donated from Jason Crumer). I then use a BB preamp pedal to give all these cheaper pedals a sweet boost. I also use the BB alone for a cleaner sound. I never have any of these distortion pedals on at the same time, seems a little to dirty so far. I’ve Been using a pair of ABY’s to have different pedal combinations on a one stomp switch. There is also of course a  volume pedal as well as a tuner, and finally a holy grail nano for a bit of verb (my old amps aint got none). I am looking to add an OCD since it’s a highly recommented OD and looking to maybe switch the Rat 2 with a Rat Vintage for a little smoother sound. Any comments out there? What is your  sweet tone set-up?

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5 Responses to Workin on my pedal set up

  1. eli says:

    ocd all the way!!!!

  2. eli says:

    a delay can be nice for a certain kind of wailing moment too

  3. AT says:

    After careful comparison between the new rat 2 from proco and an older vintage (big box) rat from proco. I went with the vintage rat. Both have the op07 chip not the lm308. I hope to do a vintage with lm308 vs the vintage with the op07 soon. I am also considering trying out a turbo rat.

  4. AT says:

    Added the OCD. A truly unique pedal in my opinion. It’s a version 4, so it seems like the real magic happens when the volume is turned up to at least 60 or 70 percent.

  5. AT says:

    I’m glad some people like reading about the pedal setup, but how do I get all the comment attempts to stop comin in by people tryin to sell stuff or gettin me to pay them for more blog exposure???

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