Happy 2012… New Stuff from ATworld.Biz….

Hello There.

I am pleased to announce that ATworld.Biz is now one year old. I have added some new stuff to the website for 2012, which as we all know may be our last…. There is now a video section where you can link to music videos on youtube and also order your own copy of the video in an mp4 format for instant download. The classic AT film “Arnie Pochabopolis” is now also available for download in the video section. Just go to www.aATworld.Biz and click on the video link. or http://www.atworld.biz/video

2011 brought us the anticipated release of the “Night Moves” cassette. If you haven’t picked yours up yet, you can do so by going to www.ATworld.Biz and clicking on the link that says Night Moves, or http://www.atworld.biz/nightmoves

There is now a newly released Unlistenable Jam, fresh out of the jam space for 2012, Unlistenable Jam #3. This Jam is more unlistenable than the unlistenable jams that came before. Give it a listen at www.ATworld.biz/jams and click on the link for the unlistenable jams. From the homepage go to downloads, then move on to the jams.

Or… you could just buy me a drink… For a limited time, go to the www.ATworld.Biz homepage and click on the “Buy Me A Drink” link….

Have a good year everybody…. See you on the other side….


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