ATworld.Biz 2014 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the 2014 ATworld.Biz newsletter. I know it seems like the year started ages ago and much has already transpired… The red carpet of the oscars was rolled out and then rolled back up again, The winter olympics came and went like some mystical, winter, storm, and NFL teams across the country have been wheeling and dealing their free agents with millions of dollars and probably a little bit of champagne, but here at ATworld.Biz we worked away tirelessly to bring you even more quality content than ever before.

2013 brought on a new era, There was the epic evening with AT and friends bringing rise to the sounds of Corral Reefer Madness, a six piece tropical band that played for a quality 40 minutes, as well as Jam Bomb IIIV, a chaotic drum and noise ensemble. A month later Corral Reefer Madness was transformed into a five piece eagles tribute before stripping down weeks later for a fall tour from east to west called AT and the Stripped Down Corral Reefer Madness Band. The first new, completed, AT songs in many a year arose from this time of sticky, leftover cups, of half drunk, pina coladas, and I am happy to let you all know that they are recorded and now available at ATworld.Biz …But the story doesn’t end here… In some places winter is known for it’s ice storms and frigid temperatures as you are snowed into your small, log, cabin, but here at ATworld.Biz the sun has come out, the hay is piling up, and on that hay stands The Low Places as they played their first show, only one month ago, in Berkeley, Ca. Once again, another new song grew with that hay and is now available at ATworld.Biz.

That’s right, three new AT songs are now out there. You can find them for download at …They can also be heard in their entirety at the new soundcloud page, or on the new bandcamp page,…You will also find there the newest member of the unlistenable Jam series, Unlistenable Jam 5, and as always it is available for download at …Just click on unlistenable jams and scroll down to number 5… Now if that wasn’t enough, I have one more thing in store for you today. There is a new video up on the ATworld.Biz youtube channel of AT and the Stripped Down Corral Reefer Madness Band performing The Eagles’ Hotel California. You can watch it at …I highly recommend it.

So there you go, three new AT tracks you can listen to on bandcamp or soundcloud and download at ATworld.Biz, a new Unlistenable Jam, and a new youtube video. And, if you are in the bay area, come check out Low Places at a backyard Bar-B-Que in Oakland on April 6th. I will post the event on the ATworld.Biz facebook page at and at the news link on the ATworld.Biz homepage. Attitude Problem will also be playing at Savage Weekend this year on May 16th in Chapel Hill, NC.

I hope the new year finds you all well. I hope you like the new tracks. If so, why not download them and help ATworld.Biz keep on going, and while you’re at it, why not buy me a drink? That’s right, the buy me a drink button is back for a limited time on the ATworld.Biz homepage, …Take care everybody, until next time.



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